History And Spiritual Significance

Towering Bald Cypress line the banks of this beautiful Heart River of Texas, which bubbles up out of the limestone aquifer in West Kerr County. The trees invite us to sit amongst their roots and lean against their ancient trunks in silent meditation, or maybe to drum or play the flute, with the soothing sound of rushing waters.

The River was named by Spanish Explorer Alonso de Leon in 1689. The name “Guadalupe” is said to come from the Moorish phrase “Wad al lube” which means “Hidden Waters.” Indeed it is likely that most of the river is flowing underground and we see only a part of it as it makes its way across Texas to the Gulf of Mexico.

Janet promised to create an altar to the Virgen del Guadalupe if she could find a place on the river to build. The Virgen del Guadalupe is widely revered in the Southwestern part of the US, Mexico and other parts of Latin America and is also the name of a river in Spain.

Images of water rushing over stone under the canopy of giant bald cypress trees is the beginning of the healing journey invoked by this ancient landscape.

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