Altar To The Divine Feminine

We have created a women’s altar in celebration of the Divine Feminine. The Virgen del Guadalupe is honored here at an altar that overlooks the Guadalupe River. The Sacred Mother has many names throughout time. In North America, before she was “La Virgen,” she was “Tonantzin” and “Tecuatlacuple”. Now is the Time of the Woman. This is a place where women are stepping up and men are honoring the Mystery of the Sacred Feminine.

The time for intercessors between the individual and the Holy has passed. Yanaguana is a place for direct contact and communion with the Divine Holy Spirit. So this is an ashram without a Guru – except for the “Inner Guru” which we seek through our personal Journey to the Beloved.

The Holy Spirit can be heard in the wind through the cypress trees and the dance of the water. It can be felt through the first kiss of the Sun in the morning. It can be tasted in an organic tomato. It can be smelled in the cedar offered to the sacred fire. It can be shared with other hearts open to each other and the present moment. Come and learn for yourself how to walk in a sacred way on the face of this beautiful land.

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About Janet Meek

Janet Meek (Henneke) was a home birth midwife and mother of three sons in the Texas Hill Country. She returned to serve a second time as a US Diplomat 1999 – 2005, a time that was defined by the 9/11 tragedy.

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