Composting Toilets accommodate larger groups while reducing water usage and enhancing the native soil, safely returning human waste to the land in usable form rather than polluting waterways. 

low-pressure-dosing (LPD) septic system for the main house was the best alternative we could find for keeping nutrients available to the top layers of soil where they can be broken down by micro-organisms. Kitchen and garden waste are composted for the garden. All plastics, metals and glass are recycled at the local recycling center.

Water is encouraged to seep into the earth rather than run across it by pleasingly shaped permaculture berms and walkways.

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About Janet Meek

Janet Meek (Henneke) was a home birth midwife and mother of three sons in the Texas Hill Country. She returned to serve a second time as a US Diplomat 1999 – 2005, a time that was defined by the 9/11 tragedy.

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