For many years we have wanted to generate our own electricity. But first we started with reducing our energy needs. Our two-foot thick earthen walls and deep porches allow us to live comfortably in the hot Texas summers without central A/C. Clerstory windows vent out heat. Ceiling fans circulate the air naturally. We use LPG gas radiators for heating, which is less of a problem than cooling a house in Texas.

Finally this beautiful Spring of 2019 we were ready for the bells and whistles. Our integrated wind-solar system is rated at up to 10 kW. Since our usage is usually 3-5 kW, we hope to be able to sell some of our production back to our local utility company. We also went ahead and installed an Electrical Vehicle charger. When we find the right EV, we will finally have solved the biggest difficulty in reducing our carbon footprint – the use of fossil fuels to drive to town.

The first day our system went into operation we had a pleasant surprise. When the trihelix wind generators really get going, they make a sound that is like a big wind blowing through the tops of trees in the distance. We can barely hear the sound, but we feel happy knowing that we are making our own electricity when we hear it.

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