In the 1990’s, Midwife Janet Meek (Henneke) joined forces with The Monroe Institute to create Opening The Way – Support for Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Opening The Way™ digital download series cover

Opening The Way™ is a knowledgeable, caring, and supportive guide for experiencing pregnancy and birth with confidence and serenity. 

The series guides birthing women and their families through imagery and practical intention-setting to release fear, learn how to consciously “turn down” pain signals, and embrace a positive vision for the various stages of pregnancy and birth with the patented sound technology Hemi-Sync. But more than that, with the help of Hemi-Sync, a birthing mother can rehearse going into non-ordinary states of consciousness like what she will experience during birth so that she can learn how to deeply relax and allow the shift of consciousness that is an essential part of giving birth.

The digital download package includes a guidance manual and various meditation exercises, including:

  • Interview/Orientation
  • Healthy Pregnancy/Remove & Release
  • Deep Relaxation/Active Relaxation
  • Father/Supporting Late Pregnancy
  • Healthy Baby/Contacting Baby’s Soul
  • Labor, Birthing/Pushing
  • Postpartum Well-Being/Nursing Baby

… and more!

Click the link to download the complete guided meditation series and listen today.

To learn more about The Monroe Institute and their work with Hemi-Sync, visit their site at

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