After 10 years of gardening in “real dirt”, we decided to try out a hydroponic system developed by our friend Larry Johnson – the EZ Gro Garden.

What is the EZ Gro Garden?

The EA Gro system is a type of hydroponic growing method. Each “tree” has space in scalloped containers for 20 plants and our system has 16 trees. Specially concocted nutrients trickle down each tree from a drip spout at the top and then return to the central reservoir from below. This system requires much less work than a traditional garden and has the potential for very high yields.

We’ll keep you posted on our production as we see how gardening this way compares with our traditional garden. We are trying to grow an amount of food that can sustain us and have a surplus to sell at the Kerrville Farmers Market.

Looking to start your own vertical garden? Visit the EZ Gro Garden website to learn more!

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