Birth - Wild and Sacred book cover by Serafina
“Serafina”, original cover artwork created by Laurie Billeter for Birth – Wild And Sacred

“I have a story to tell. It is a story of my own personal journey and that of my fore-mothers and many other women…”

– Excerpt from Birth – Wild And Sacred

Birth – Wild And Sacred tells the story of how Janet Meek, a US Diplomat, entered a deep, and ultimately very spiritual, journey when she gave birth to her own sons (two of them at home) and then went on to become a Certified Professional Midwife and helped several hundred women give birth in their own homes and in birth centers in Texas in the 1990’s.

Along the way she discovered some secrets of the Ancient Feminine Wisdom, the most key one of which is the need for women to go into non-ordinary states of consciousness in order to give birth.

“Now I am a grandmother and the snow on top of my head has cooled me down a little … I hope this cooling will help me tell truths that are powerful, but also gentle.”

In the late 1990’s she wanted to familiarize birthing women with non-ordinary states of consciousness before the birth, so she partnered with The Monroe Institute to develop a pioneering childbirth educational series (Opening the Way – Support for Pregnancy and Childbirth – 1997) that utilizes the Hemi-Sync patented sound technology.

This book also encourages women to dare to explore birth as both a sexual and a spiritually sacred event that amounts to a profound initiation into what it means to be a fully empowered woman.

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Janet discusses some of the secrets of Ancient Feminine Wisdom that she has gleaned on her own journey, from career diplomat to mother to midwife.

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