Squash Blossoms

A great Spiritual Teacher of our time, Peter Dawkins, says that we have already passed the time when we can figure out from our limited human perspective how to reverse the destruction of our Natural World and the cataclysmic collapse of our eco-systems. He believes that our hope for planetary solutions comes from learning how to connect with Great Spirit through non-ordinary states of consciousness and how to ask for assistance and practical guidance.

We access these non-ordinary states of consciousness through:

“Tuning in” in the garden and learning to listen to the small promptings we are given to nurture the plants and the soil.

Using Yoga Nidra, Yoga, Ecstatic Practices like Circle Dancing and Psychotropic Breating Sessions, Meditation, and Hemi-Sync Exercises to go into altered states every day.

Celebrating the 8 Solar Festivals to increase our awareness of the Cyles of Nature and Time and to learn how to do “the right thing at the right place in the right time and with the right intention” in order to co-create with the Divine.

Establishing personal relationships with the plant life of this landscape, which includes noticing, drawing, dreaming, and applying healing knowledge of plants who show up to be with us here.

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