Yanaguana is a Spiritual Sanctuary on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas.

It is meant to be a place in harmony and communion with nature where people may come to restore themselves – a sort of “eco-ashram.” The name, Yanaguana, means “Sacred Waters” or “Place of Refreshing Waters.”

The vision of this place includes an evolving discovery by full and part-time residents and visitors of how we as humans can live in harmony and balance with ourselves and with each other. We are living an experiment in how to co-create with Nature in a sustainable way using the principles and practices of permaculture.

While honoring Ancient Wisdom Traditions, we seek here to discover the Universal Spiritual Principles that underlie all faiths. Our guiding principle is Love in Action. We seek to apply spiritual knowledge to practical everyday living as we deepen our individual spiritual paths. People of all faiths and races and economic backgrounds are welcome here. This place is to be shared and enjoyed by the many. We have built an Altar to the Virgen del Guadalupe – not as an expression of any particular faith, but to symbolize the Feminine Attributes of the Divine.

Peace, let it begin with me; and the ability to see; I can’t change the world without first changing me.

Community is often formed around food harvesting and preparation. Meals are usually a group effort and often, but not exclusively, paleo or vegetarian. The main house features as part of shared community space a country kitchen, pantry, and outdoor dining area. We seek to learn together how to communicate from the Heart in a non-violent/non-judgmental fashion.

Living in Balance with Nature: We are seeking to learn how we can live on the earth without destroying its natural beauty and balance. The stairway to the river bottom is from stone gathered from the riverbed. Wildflowers, juniper, native grasses, cactus and a rich variety of other vegetation, have all been left as natural as possible. Axis and whitetail deer, hawks, herons, wild turkey and other wildlife are a source of wonder to the astute observer.

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